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The Honoree

The Honoree is a Rikti Archvillain. This character is the corrupted remains of what used to be the hero Hero 1, the leader of the Omega Team, who went to the Rikti Homeworld to close the portal the Rikti were using to bring reinforcements to Earth during the Rikti War. This was done by erecting a magical barrier around the Rikti native planet, and the war ended once and for all. Like the rest of the Omega Team, he was thought dead, but we have had recently proof that the Rikti are now using him as their most powerful weapon to take the fight back to Earth.

Heroes and villains may fight him:


During his only appearance so far, in the mission Stop the Rikti from The Lady Grey:

First, he will arrive via the new Rikti Portal as a reinforcement for Hro'Dotz in a cutscene:

Globalchat The Honoree: Arrival: Successful. Troop Survival: 10%.
The Honoree: Initiating: Battle-State Behavior Over-ride.
The Honoree: Target Acquired: Designation Task Force Zeratul.
The Honoree: Annihilation: Commences
The Honoree: Destroy: Opposition

Once aggroed, he will charge against the Task Force members:

At 75% Life: Memories: Triggered! Memories: Surging!
What's Happening: To me? Why Am: I Fighting?

At 50% Life: Can't Stop: Fighting!
What Am: I Doing? Can't: Fight it!

At 25% Life: You've got: To stop me! Somebody: Stop me!

Defeated: Consciousness: Dimmed. Over-Rides: Restored.

After defeating a player: Exhalation: Victory! Victory? Realization: What Have: I Done?


The Honoree reminds you of Hero 1, the hero who was sent to the Rikti Homeworld and successfully destroyed the bridge between their world and ours. It is quite possible that Hero 1 was captured on the Rikti homeworld and subjected to mutations similar to what the Lost undergo, creating this new abomination.

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  • Honoree is an anagram of Hero One.

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