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Team Window

Clicking on "Team" on the outer edge of the Chat Window will open the Team Window.

The following windows are also accessible from the Team Window

When you are on a team, information about your teammates will be displayed here. Their names, archetype icons, and hit point and endurance bars will be displayed, helping you keep track of their current condition. You can select a teammate's name in order to target them, allowing you to assist, heal, buff, or follow them. Right clicking on a team member's name will allow you to see the same options you would see if you were to right click on the character themselves. On the far right side of the window, there is an arrow that can be toggled to display or hide the status icons of your current team members. Similar to right clicking on the icons below your own Status Window, right clicking on these icons will give you options such as whether to show or hide auto powers, change the way multiple effects appear, and change whether or not status icons blink before fading out.

Team Window, Not Currently on a Team

Tell Others What Kind of Team You Are Looking For

When you are not on a team, this window will display a text field that you may edit. The text entered into this field will show up next to your name when you are visible in the Search Window. This text may also be set using the /comment command.

In this window you will also find a "Find Member" button and a dropdown menu which allows you to specify what kind of team you are currently seeking:

  • Not Seeking - You are not currently looking for any type of team.
  • Looking for any - You are looking for any type of team.
  • Looking for patrol - You are looking for a team that is patrolling streets or "street sweeping".
  • Looking for missions - You are looking for a team that is running Door Missions.
  • Looking for TF/SF - You are looking for a team that is interested in running Task Forces/Strike Forces.
  • Looking for Trial - You are looking for a team interested in running Trials.
  • Looking for Arena - You are looking for Arena events.
  • Do not accept invites - When selected, all team invitations will be automatically declined.

You may also change this setting with the /lfgset command.

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