Theadora Marcone 02

Theadora Marcone

Overview Edit

Theadora Marcone appears two times during the story arc "Johnny's Squeeze" assigned by Jezebel Jones in St. Martial. In both times she must be kidnapped by defeating the nearby guards and escorting her to the mission exit.

She appears under the "Victim" faction, has nearly the same hit points of a Lieutenant of the same level and no attacks.

Description Edit

This Marcone heiress has captured Johnny Sonata's affections. He'll stop at nothing to see that she becomes his!

Theadora Marcone

Theadora Marcone

Information Edit

Initially, she is presented as a citizen to be kidnapped. By the end of the arc, however, she is revealed to be, in fact, a superheroine in league with Longbow who must be destroyed.

Hero Description Edit

A Family cousin, the love of Johnny's life, and a closet superheroine: Theadora Marcone leads a busy life. A shame you'll have to take her out.

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