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The Tiny Hidden Spot is one of the Base Plots from the Hidden Base Plots category. It is the default plot that a hero or villain supergroup is given when one of its members creates a base.

The size of the Tiny Hidden Spot is eight by eight grid units. As the default, the Tiny Hidden Spot does not cost any Prestige to build.


In a Tiny Hidden Spot, a hero or villain Group allowed to place a finite number of certain Base Rooms and Base Items. The following table shows these limitations:

Title Tiny Hidden Spot
Category Secret Bases
Size 8x8
Description This is the smallest plot available for a base.
Cost Free
Defense Unlimited
Defense Aux Unlimited
Medical Unlimited
Medical Aux Unlimited
Control 1
Control Aux Unlimited
Energy 1
Energy Aux Unlimited
Teleport Unlimited
Teleport Beacons Unlimited
Storage 18
Workshop 6
Workshop Aux Unlimited
Items of Power 1
Empowerment 6
Anchor 6
Entrance 1
Decorative Unlimited

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