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Heroes and villains can earn titles in the game. These titles appear above the character's name. You can have up to three titles above your name in addition to the word 'The'. These are separate from Badge Titles which appear below the character's name.

The first title is earned at level 15. The second title is earned at level 25. The first set of titles is generic; the second depends on your origin. Once you earned your 24th month Veteran Reward, you can choose one of the Veteran Titles in addition to your other choices, though a character must still be level 15 in order to use them.

At levels 15, 25, 35, and 45, you gain the option to change your titles once. These title changes do not stack, so if you don't change your title between levels 15 and 24, you do not gain two title changes at level 25. Upon reaching level 50, you gain the ability to change your title without limit.

Your title change 'token' can be claimed at any time after reaching the appropriate level by visiting one of the Trainers and selecting Choose your new title. You will be presented with a window that allows you to select the title or combination of titles you wish to use. The left most column will give you the choice of adding the word The to the front of your title. The second column contains the level 15 titles. The third column contains the Veteran Rewards titles, if you qualify for them. The final column will contain the level 25 origin titles. At the top of each column is the word None which will allow you to clear a title or not select one for that column.

At the bottom of the window is an example of what your title will look like. If the title is satisfactory to you, you can then press the green Set Title button. If you change your mind, you can choose the red Choose Later button to cancel the procedure.

City of Heroes Titles[]

Level 15 Titles Level 25 Titles
Generic Veteran Magic Origin Mutant Origin Natural Origin Science Origin Technology Origin
Awesome Astonishing Arcane Audacious Accomplished Adept Armored
Bold Battle-Hardened Baffling Bizarre Brave Bright Brilliant
Courageous Cunning Cosmological Colossal Captivating Curious Crafty
Daring Demure Dread Dazzling Death Defying Deductive Discerning
Extraordinary Ethereal Esoteric Eerie Estimable Exceptional Excellent
Famous Fantastic Frightening Freaky Fabulous Far Seeing Famed
Gallant Gargantuan Ghostly Grotesque Grim Glorious Galvanized
Heroic Honest Haunted Humongous Horrifying Honorable Herculean
Incomparable Impervious Ineffable Incomprehensible Insightful Indescribable Indestructable
Legendary Lionized Lofty Liminal Lone Lucky Learned
Magnificent Nimble Mythic Marvelous Mysterious Majestic Mechanical
Outstanding Overcharged Occult Ominous Obdurate Otherworldly Outlandish
Powerful Precise Petrifying Peculiar Peerless Phenomenal Potent
Remarkable Resistant Radiant Resplendent Resolute Redoubtable Resilient
Startling Speedy Supernatural Strange Sublime Stupendous Splendid
Terrific Tough Terrifying Tremendous Talented Thoughtful Titanic
Ultimate Utilitarian Unknowable Unnatural Unfathomable Unearthly Unbreakable
Valiant Vengeful Venerable Victorious Virtuous Venturous Valorous
Wonderful Wanton Wise Weird Wary Watchful Wired

City of Villains Titles[]

Level 15 Titles Level 25 Titles
Generic Veteran Magic Origin Mutant Origin Natural Origin Science Origin Technology Origin
Awful Angry Ancient Animalistic Abominable Abhorrent Automated
Brutal Baneful Baleful Bestial Bloodthirsty Brutish Bitter
Conniving Corrupt Cursed Crazed Callous Catastrophic Complex
Dastardly Dark Demonic Deadly Devious Dangerous Destructive
Evil Exiled Enigmatic Extreme Elusive Entropic Electrifying
Fearsome Foul Frightful Ferocious Fiendish Freakish Formidible
Grim Gross Ghoulish Grotesque Grisly Gruesome Grave
Heinous Hateful Hellish Hideous Horrid Horrible High-tech
Infamous Innocent Infernal Inhuman Insidious Irradiated Ingenious
Killer Low Knavish Jurassic Kamikaze Lethal L33t
Loathsome Nefarious Last Lycanthropic Larcenous Mad Mechanized
Malevolent Offensive Maleficent Monstrous Maniacal Omnipotent Nihilistic
Notorious Pernicious Ominous Obscene Oppressive Poisonous Outrageous
Odious Revolting Preternatural Parasitic Pretentious Revolutionary Powerful
Potent Salacious Quintessential Rampaging Raging Synthetic Quantum
Ruthless Terrifying Rancorous Savage Subversive Toxic Robotic
Sinister Unbounded Sinful Tortured Tyrannical Uncaring Shocking
Terrible Vengeful Taboo Untamed Unseen Virulent Treacherous
Unholy Weary Undying Vicious Violent Weird Uncontrollable
Villainous   Vile Wild Warlike   Voltaic
Wrathful   Wicked Xenomorphic     Wired
Zealous     Zoomorphic