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Towering Inferno


Towering Inferno belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains. He is obviously a Technology origin Fiery Melee/Fiery Aura Brute, however his AI leaves much to be desired. He is known to stand ten feet from a mob, waiting for Breath of Fire to recharge, instead of charging in like a Brute should. Additionally, it seems he is unique amongst mobs in that he cannot jump great heights, which makes him extremely worthless in the vertical-heavy zone of Skyway City.

Villains can find him in Mayhem Missions, as an ally:


A colossal of modern technology, the Towering Inferno sets all who oppose him ablaze!


During the Skyway City Mayhem mission:

Captured, in his cell:

PPD Minion: Quiet down in there!
Towering Inferno: This is all wrong! All wrong! I'm Towering Inferno!
PPD Boss: Three hots and a cot is all you're gonna get for a very long time, pal.


PPD Minion: Escape is not an option, men!
Towering Inferno: There'll be nothing but ashes and bones when I'm through with this place!
PPD Boss: Not on my watch, pal!

Once free: Time to light a fire under this place!

If left behind: Exit? This way? Or?

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