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Trial Accounts allow a player to take City of Heroes and/or City of Villains for a test run. They are free and last either 10 or 14 days, depending on the source of the Trial Account code. Up until Issue 12, a Trial Account was not limited in what it could do; as of Issue 12, there are several restrictions put in place. Most of these restrictions were placed due to tells and in-game email spam.


  • Trial Accounts cannot email other players
  • Trial Accounts may not level past 14 (just enough to get a travel power)
  • Trial Accounts can only have 50k influence
  • Trial Accounts may not join global channels
  • Trial Accounts may not join a Supergroup
  • Trial Accounts can only speak in
  1. /local
  2. /help
  3. /team
  • Trial Accounts cannot invite players to team
  1. Trial Accounts may join teams, but not invite other players
  2. Trial Accounts may not join SuperGroups.


Trial Account codes are always available from the "Refer a Friend" option in a player's Master Account options. Each player may give out three of these at a time. They last ten days, and if the Trial Account is upgraded to a retail-code account, the person who originated the offer gets a month of free time added to the end of their subscription.

Trial Accounts are also available from box sets. They come on small pieces of paper with a code on it. These last 14 days and do not give a free month to the owner of the box set if the account is upgraded to a retail-code account.

An additional source is websites offering Trial Account codes. These typically last either 14 or 10 days, though vastly more often 14. They do not give a free month to anyone if the account is upgraded to a retail-code account.

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