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The Trial Random Recipe Roll is a Reward Purchase available at Merit Vendors.

Prior to Issue 13, recipes in drop pool D were formerly randomly awarded at the end of respec Trials and Hamidon Raids.

Now, random generation of Pool D recipes is only done as a Trial Random Recipe Roll at a Merit Vendor, at a cost of 30 Reward Merits per roll. Recipes are generated at your level, or at the maximum possible level for that recipe, whichever is lower. The level range selected in the right half of the Merit Vendor window (25-29, 30-34, etc.) will remove as possible selections recipes whose minimum is above the range or whose maximum is below the range. The level slider at the top of the Merit Window (1-50) only limits the ranges that are displayed, and does not otherwise affect the level of the recipe.


25-29 range
5 recipes
30-34 range
8 recipes
35-39 range
9 recipes
40-45 range
9 recipes
46-50 range
7 recipes
IO Decimation.png Decimation Acc/Dam/Rech (25-40)  
IO Touch of Death.png Touch of Death Dam/End/Rech (25-40)  
IO Aegis.png Aegis Res/End/Rech (25-50)
IO Luck of the Gambler.png Luck of the Gambler Def/End/Rech (25-50)
IO Sovereign Right.png Sovereign Right Acc/Dam/End (25-50)
  IO Devastation.png Devastation Acc/Dam/Rech (30-50)
  IO Mako's Bite.png Mako's Bite Acc/End/Rech (30-50)
  IO Numina's Convalescence.png Numina's Convalescence Heal/End/Rech (30-50)
  IO Sting of the Manticore.png Sting of the Manticore Dam/Int/Rech (35-50)

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