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A Troll Rave is a zone event that occurs in Skyway City. There’s an upgraded Superadine source and the Trolls are overdosing to create “Supa Trolls” that are out of control!

Troll Rave

Enraged Trolls



Supa Troll

Troll Raves only happen at night in Skyway City. Groups of enraged trolls will gather outside of one of three spawn points. You can identify the enraged trolls by their green glow. The event is announced on the Hero Zone Events Channel with "Superadine Raid in progress in Skyway City." Trolls will come in waves to one of three spawn points, and the exact location will be marked on the zone map during the event. During the event, a PPD Squad stages outside the building behind sandbags preparing to raid the rave. The trolls will go inside the nearby building and Supa Trolls will come back out. After the waves of trolls stop coming, the cops will rush into the building, signifying an end to the rave. The Supa Trolls that are not defeated leave the immediate area, all apparantly following a given path and will then be found loitering in places around the zone.

The three spawn points are marked on the map below. Since the raves only spawn at night, you'll have to be quick to jump on the party. Right before the Raving Trolls show up, a barrier filled with police officers spawns in the location that the ravers meet. You should be able to get this badge from a single rave.

Thanks goes to Malicious_Intent for the info in the second paragraph and the map locations.



Badge troll supasmasher Dee Jay

You have defeated the enraged Trolls, hopped up on Superadine during their nightly rave.

Badge troll raveroundup Raver

You have helped clean up the streets of the raving Trolls.