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Badge villain nemesis


You have shown great endurance in tackling the Fake Nemesis robots time and time again in your search for the real Nemesis.

How to Get

Defeat 100 Fake Nemesis robots.

Hero Accolade

Badge phalanx set 01 Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member Badge        

Weapon Unlocked

When an Assault Rifle Blaster or Corruptor or a Mercenaries Mastermind obtains this badge, they unlock the Nemesis Gun 1 and 2 weapon customization.


  • Fake Nemesis only spawn at or above level 40. A Prototype False Nemesis appears in the Take on the false Nemesis mission from Anton Sampson, but it does not count towards the number required for the Unveiler badge.
  • There are a number of level 40+ missions that spawn Fake Nemesis for heroes, but they are most easily found around the docks and other areas of Peregrine Island. They can also be found in parts of the Shadow Shard.
  • For villains, Fake Nemesis can be found in Grandville in the upper north-east side of the main island on the beach, albeit they're an uncommon spawn. There are, however, quite a few missions in the 41 - 50 range that spawn them. The Battle for Television and Liberate Television missions from Television are examples of high-level villain missions that will spawn Fake Nemeses if a team consists of several villains. The Liberate Television mission has at least four scripted Fake Nemesis, and so is an especially good source for them solo.

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