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Urses is a NPC ally you can find during the mission Talk to the Circle from Vince Dubrowski (CoV, levels 20 - 24). He is one of the Circle of Thorns mages you are supposed to talk to. He will be fighting a Foreman when you find him first, and must be freed so he can help you.
Once free, he will follow you and will attack any Scrapyarder in his aggro range. Be warned that a wave of Scrapyarders will attack him after you rescue him.

During my mission, Urses spawned as a Lieutenant of the mission owner's level.

All you need to do is rescue the three mages (Urses, Pyranis and Otaris), and you don't need to escort them or not even make them survive for the mission to end successfully.


During the mission he will say the following:

Freed: I can help you deal with these fools.


The High Mages of the Soul delve into the deepest reaches of the human spirit. They are largely responsible for the gathering and training of specters and other spirits. When forced into combat, they petrify their foes in a wave of inescapable self-contemplation that leaves them incapable of any action.


During my mission, he used the Soul Mage typical attacks (The Kamikaze attack hasn't been confirmed, but I saw him use all others):