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Here is some questions in Twelvesky2, just look through !

1. How many Characters can I create on one Account?- You are able to create 3 Characters.

2. How do Parties work?- Party members receive a bonus to exp per monster killed that ranges from 20% to 50% depending on the number of party members. Monster drops are now shared among the party as well, with any party member able to pick up items dropped.

3. How many Factions are there, and how many weapons?- There are three starting Factions, with an additional fourth available to join later in the game. Each starting faction has three weapons.

4. How do I make money?- In game currency can be dropped from monsters, contained in an item called a Fortune Pouch, or gained through sale of items found (either to NPCs or other players).

5. How do I restore my Health and Chi?- The Herbalist sells Health and Chi Pills/Tablets, which can also be found as monster drops.

6. How many people can join a Party?- 5 people are able to be in one Party together.

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