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Hi! I've been an off-and-on player of City of Heroes and City of Villains since November 2004. I'm still a little nostalgic for the pre-I5 world, not because I liked to min/max (I don't, it takes the fun out of it), but because some powers (e.g. Stamina) only took one enhancement type, and because ED prevented some neat things that didn't really unbalance the game in the first place, like 6-slotting Hover for flight speed and using it as a travel power instead of Fly (it was only as fast as unslotted Fly, but it used almost no endurance). My trademark was diversifying enhancements back when people only slotted for damage; now everyone has to diversify. So much for being unique.

I'm an engineer down to the bone, and one of the things I like doing is building bases. Being out of everything is routine. ^_^ Nowadays I'm looking forward to the Invention system. Go Positron!


More to be added later...

Lin Chiao Feng[]

Originicon technology.png Archetypeicon blaster.png AssaultWeapons ARFullAuto.png Gadgets Turret.png Level 50

A robotics engineer pre-Rikti War, now "retired" and runs a repair shop in King's Row.

Hoshiko Fujieda[]

Originicon magic.png Archetypeicon scrapper.png ShadowFighting StealPower.png DarkArmor DarkRegeneration.png Level 46

a.k.a. Fujieda Hoshiko

Originicon magic.png V archetypeicon brute.png ShadowFighting StealPower.png DarkArmor DarkRegeneration.png Level 20

An employee of Ninja Burger. Nowhere is outside our delivery range!

Lin Chiao Ryu[]

Originicon technology.png V archetypeicon mastermind.png Robotics BuildRobotArmy.png Traps AoEMassiveDamage.png Level 50

Chiao Feng's little brother. Has identity issues and a sister-envy complex. Robots are named after characters from Ground Defense Force Mao-chan.


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