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Globalchat This user's global chat handle is @Tidbit Jr..
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Originicon magic This user really wants Incarnates.
Nictus This user wants Nictus as a villain Epic Archetype.
PPD Logo ... the trade would be PPD with Power Suit and Psi Cop branches.


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Characters Edit

Pinnacle Edit

Tidbit Jr. Edit

Archetypeicon controller Controller
Originicon magic Magic
MentalControl Command Mind Control
ForceField DispersionBubble Force Field
Fitness Stamina Fitness
Flight TravelFlight Flight
Leadership Defense Leadership
Teleportation Teleport Teleportation (Recall Friend)
PsionicMastery MindOverBody Psionic Mastery

My original hero when joining City of Heroes.

Triumph Edit

Libtery Edit

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