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I play on Liberty as "Isotope Omega", a rad/rad defender. He's level 40 as of 2/17/2010. He's teamwork-oriented, has a couple Leadership powers (as should any defender that plans to play well with others).

I was in the CoH beta, I was there when the Ritiki wiped out everyone to end the beta. I played CoH for about a year (and have the badges to prove it). And then I stopped to play Something Else. I wanna say WoW, but I don't recall for sure.

At any rate, a friend of mine that lives Far Away still plays, and I thought I'd join him. Turns out we were both level 30, and both defenders. Small world... and it certainly makes teaming up easier. I was afraid I'd be the sidekick until they power-leveled me up to 50. Nope.

And people STILL don't get anchored debuffs. Sigh. I need to dig up my old article on the CoH boards and redistribute it (and maybe update it based on all the changes made since I wrote it 3-4 years ago).

On the CoH forums, I went by SizzleBizzle, though that particular character fell by the wayside when I discovered the Wonders of Radiation.

One of my Build Experiments is to try to get as many damage procs as possible into Neutrino Bolt. I currently have the "touch of the lady gray" one. I believe there are at least two more, Armageddon's (which is another 10 levels off), and some Gladiator's thing that's not listed here in the wikia. I believe I can get 3-4 slotted. One will proc more than half the time, with a decent chance of getting two, and just maybe 3 (or 4). When I'm properly Amped Up, NeuBo is ready as soon as the cast is complete. At level 34 with 3x35 damage SO's slotted, I'm still getting about 150-200% more damage (unless they have neg energy resistance) when that single proc fires. If I can get a second proc slotted, I figure I can just about double my total damage output... lets run some numbers...

With 2x20% procs, 16/25 I'll get nothing, 8/25 I'll get one, and 1/25 I'll get both. If we go with the 200% damage increase (which is a bit high, but what the hell)

16 x 1
8 x 3
1 x 5

45 / 25 Nearly doubling the overall damage output.

Add a third 20% (not sure there is one, like I said, it's not listed here), and the math starts getting complex, but then I'm bored sooo...

5^3 = 125 possibilities
48 are "1 hitters" (har)
12 x 2's
and 1 x 3


64 -> no proc, x1 damage
48 -> 1 proc, x3 damage
12 -> 2 proc, x5 damage
1 -> 3 proc, x7 damage

275 / 125 -> 11 / 5 slightly more than doubled (in the LONG run)

One is toxic, one energy (as is neut bolt) and one is negative energy. A decent spread of types, though I could wish for some smash/lethal in there somewhere. Ah well.