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Hi, my name is StarGeek. I'm a Hero Altaholic.
Hello, StarGeek.

You can find me in CoH on Protector and Triumph servers.



  • StarGeek, Emp/Rad Defender
  • Swordsmith, Kat/SR Scrapper
  • Primordial, Grav/Kin Controller
  • Blaster Bunny, AR/Dev Blaster
  • Combat Bunny, MA/Regen Scrapper


  • Psycokinetic, Kin/Psy Defender

Out of CoH, I occasionally run jabber IM.

Jabber ID StarGeek Server
Yahoo IM Icar_Cryston

Character data Edit

City Info Terminal

City Game Tracker

External projects Edit

Quick demofile maker

A quicky script that creates a quicky .cohdemo file which I use to take screen shots. Takes care of the trig functions in placing the camera at whatever distance you want from the model.

Villain Resistance chart

A very messy attempt to figure out the resistances of various enemies.

Sub Pages Edit

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Various Misc Edit

  • 3 +3 SO Enhancements - 97.2%
  • 3 +2 SO Enhancements - 96.5%
  • 3 +1 SO Enhancements - 95.7%
  • 3 +0 SO enhancements - 95%
  • 1 +3 SO Enhancement - 38.3%
  • 1 +2 SO Enhancement - 36.7%
  • 1 +1 SO Enhancement - 35%
  • 1 +0 SO Enhancement - 33.3%

Recharge = Base Recharge / (1 + bonus)

List of things to do Edit

  • Redirect other Inherent Powers to the correct page (thanks Crisdias) Done (finally)
  • 4715 screenshots to process
  • 5405 screenshots already done
  • Unknown amount deleted

Badge Edit

SpruceHammer Spruce Hammer
For your efforts in editing an untold number of articles in the wiki for consistency and completeness, Guy Perfect has awarded you an honorary Spruce Hammer.
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