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In Twelvesky2 selecting your skills in the correct order can help you go through the lower levels quicker. The first skills you should kill are the run skill and the multi hit skill. Max out your multi hit skill as soon as possible.

The second step, get the attack speed/elemental damage buff and max it out. Max out your weapon buff and run skill next. Then max out your one hit and charged attack buff. Finish up by maxing out the stun, anti-stun and jump skills. As soon as possible switch from level 1 (Twelvesky2 powerleveling) single and multi hit skills to level 30 single and multi hit skills. Learn formation skills, Heaven’s skills, and Garuda's Prayer at level 90+ if and when you find them. Once you have enough skill points, max out all your skills and you are done.

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credit to TungChiaWah