City of Heroes Wiki

It's been a while. Lots of changes. I started in the CoH beta, and played for about a year. IIRC, WoW stole me.

At any rate, I'm back. Lots of changes, lots of The Same.


  1. Enhancement Diversification. Wow. My slotting was broken.
  2. Inventions. Crafting in CoH, nice.
  3. Where'd all the leadership powers go?
  4. Where'd all the non-emp defenders go? I used to run my rad/rad defender in an all-defender supergroup. We'd buff the snot out of each other, debuff the bad guys into tissue paper, and go gargles-chainsaws-nuts all over purples. rad x 2-3/kin x 1-3/misc/misc/misc-> Plus we all had the aforementioned leadership powers. Everyone's recharge rates are stupid-high, damage capped, can't run out of endurance even if you tried, nobody misses, an FF or two makes sure no one gets hit... Empathy defenders got bored, but everyone still loved Fortitude, so they didn't feel left out. Good times.
    1. And if you go back far enough, Enervating Field didn't just stack, it amplified. Two EF's had everyone doing more than double damage. Three put us at x10 damage. Neutrino Bolt (+300% damage, x10 ) -> Dead purple boss! Mwahaha!!! Yeah, they patched that in a hurry.
      1. Remember kids, Resistance debuffs aren't affected by the damage buff cap, they have their own (at x10?, which is basically impossible to reach these days from what I hear)
  5. Badges. <insert Cheech & Chong joke here>
  6. Ororoborososoroborososos.. yeah, them.
  7. Where'd everybody go?
    1. Oh yeah, WoW.

Basically anything after issue 5-ish is New To Me.


  1. No one gets Anchored Debuffs.
    1. "Don't kill that guy! No!"
    2. Defender who agro'ed all the baddies and was laughing right in their faces because they couldn't touch him is suddenly quite touchable.
    3. Whack-whack-whack
    4. Hospital
  2. Defender = Healer. sigh
  3. Most people don't set their looking-for-team flags, even if they'd welcome a team.
  4. Devouring Earth still suck.