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Utility Belt is a power pool.


UtilityBelt Athletics

Athletics is an additional power granted while Freerunning is active.

This power pool option offers some tools that you can use to weaken your foes or quickly close the gap between you and your targets. The Utility Belt power pool features Free Running as its travel power. This power grants you the ability to quickly run and leap great heights. You can boost your leaping to even greater heights for short periods of time as well.


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Archetypeicon blaster
Archetypeicon controller
Archetypeicon defender
Archetypeicon scrapper
Archetypeicon tanker
Archetypeicon peacebringer
Archetypeicon warshade
V archetypeicon brute
V archetypeicon stalker
V archetypeicon mastermind
V archetypeicon dominator
V archetypeicon corruptor
V archetypeicon arachnos widow
V archetypeicon arachnos soldier
UtilityBelt Bolas UtilityBelt PoisonedDagger UtilityBelt Freerunning UtilityBelt FlyingStrike UtilityBelt LifeSupportSystem

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