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The VIP Lounge (sometimes referred to as the "tiki room") is a special area in Pocket D that is only accessible to players who have the Pocket D VIP Gold Club Member Badge, which is only attainable by purchasing the Good Versus Evil Edition.

The entrance to the VIP Lounge can be found in the downstairs area of the villain side of Pocket D. It can be easily identified by the palm trees and tiki torches surrounding the ornate entrance.

Gold Club Members can also teleport directly into the VIP Lounge using the Pocket D VIP Pass teleportation power.

The VIP Lounge features a Banished Pantheon Spirit Mask bartender which sells inspirations and a Banished Pantheon dance act. The dance act only appears rarely and begins to leave as soon as a player enters the room by teleport.


The VIP Lounge was added to Pocket D in August 2006. The room was not initially accessible, and players speculated wildly as to its purpose as no official announcement was made regarding it. Some players were able to gain access to the room using Teleport, and screenshots of the room were posted on various messages boards. In response, Dampening Fields were introduced in Pocket D to prevent teleportation.

In October 2006, the VIP Lounge was made available to players who had purchased either the Good Versus Evil Edition Retail Box Set in stores or the Online Pack from the NCsoft Store. Both of these purchases granted registered players access to the accolade power Pocket D VIP Pass.


The VIP Lounge's Banished Pantheon "dance" act appears to be influenced by punk band the Ramones, with two members having directly identical names (Johnny and Joey: they were the only two original members who stayed with the band until their retirement in 1996). A popular comic reference to Joey Ramone's visage was that looked like a zombie, and it is probable that the Banished Pantheon are used to reiterate this joke.