This article is about the Halloween enemy faction. For the Council subgroup, see Vampyri.

Overview Edit

Vampire is an enemy group that appeared during the Halloween Event 2004 and Halloween Event 2006. They appear when players click on doors and get a "Trick".

Background Edit

There is no official background about this group at this time.

Enemy types Edit

Vampire (Lieutenant) Edit

Vampire Lieutenant

Impervious to pain and to most forms of death, vampires know only one discomfort: thirst. It gnaws at them from the moment human blood first touches their lips. Although they spend their immortal lives trying to slake this thirst, it is only in rare moments that any vampire feels truly sated.


Vampire Lord (Boss) Edit


By nature vampires resent authority, but they do recognize the need for a little organization. Vampire Lords have distinguished themselves by their daring, their bloodlust, and their imaginative ways of killing. But they must always keep a sharp eye on their followers, for loyalty is a concept alien to the vampire mind.


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