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Your efforts against the extra-dimension invaders have been recognized, and you have received the Rikti Resistance Medal. You have found and kept a Rikti Power amplifier.

Inherent Power

Upon acquiring this badge, a hero will earn the Vanguard Medal power.

BA Vanguard Medal.png Vanguard Medal Self +Special
When activated, your Vanguard Medal will double the duration of all your Disorient, Hold, Immobilize, Fear, Confuse and Sleep powers. Knockback distance is also increased. The effect of this boost will last for 1 minute. You can only activate the Vanguard Medal once every 25 minutes.

How to Get

Obtain the following badges:


Badge tourist 01.png Portal Parter Badge   Exploration   Peregrine Island (3045, 0, 1287)
Badge tourist 01.png Ace Badge   Exploration   Rikti War Zone (1359.5, 293.2, -273.5)
Badge history 01.png Savant Badge   History   Visit 5 history plaques:
  1. Founders' Falls (4244, 3, 3689)
  2. Crey's Folly (7227, 37, -554)
  3. Crey's Folly (2566, 4, 2683)
  4. Eden (-2817, -23, 2962)
  5. Eden (-1313, 12, 4486)
Badge villain lost.png Finder Badge   Achievement   Defeat 100 Lost Bosses
Badge villain rikti.png Zookeeper Badge   Achievement   Defeat 1000 Rikti Monkeys

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