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Vanguard HVAS (Heavy Vanguard Assault Suit) is an Elite Boss of the Vanguard. It can be found patrolling the Rikti War Zone. If you want to find them easily, two of these titans can be found guarding the entrance to the Vanguard Compound. Those will always have a Vanguard Shield faction, and most of the patrolling ones will have it too. The Vanguard Sword ones can be found patrolling too and are, apparently, much harder to find. They seem to have the same attacks and resistances as the Vanguard Shield ones, having apparently no differences with the Shield ones, other than the faction. Despite being part of a faction that can be hostile to players as is the Vanguard Sword, they will fight the Rikti and will con as allies to players.

Unlike many other Elite Bosses in game, these can not be found as enemies by players (Heroes or Villains) as of today, nor as Vanguard Shield nor as Vanguard Sword factions.

Additionally, players can earn the ability to summon one with the Vanguard Heavy Power Core power.


Vanguard is a group backed by the United Nations, and headed up by Lady Grey. Their soldiers are specifically outfitted with Impervium armor and with high tech as well as magical weaponry to fight the Rikti. Everything they do is centered around containing the Rikti menace on our world.


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