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Vic Garland
Contact Vic Garland 01
Civil Rights Activist
Zone Talos Island
Coordinates (-745, 160, 4880)
Level Range 20-24
Introduced by Andrea Mitchell
Introduces Marvin Weintraub
Collin Larson
Enemy groups Badge villain freakshow Freakshow
Badge villain family The Family
Badge villain tsoo Tsoo
Badges Badge stature 05 Pwnz Badge

Vic Garland is a City of Heroes contact located in the New Corinth neighborhood of Talos Island at coordinates (-745, 160, 4880). Vic Garland is a Technology origin contact. His level range is 20-24.


Contact Introduced By[]

New Contact(s)[]

There's a scientist named Marvin Weintraub who's quite the expert on advanced technologies, the Freakshow, and the Family. He also has training enhancements.

Marvin has done as much to help the heroes of Paragon City as anyone in the world.

You should go see Collin Larson. He's a cybernetics expert and a real friend to heroes everywhere. He knows a great deal about the Freakshow and the Family. He also has Training Enhancements.

Collin is well suited to work with heroes like you.


Civil Rights Activist

Civil rights can be a touchy subject for super-powered heroes. Equal opportunity is a cause they can all get behind, but when it comes to subjects like wrongful imprisonment and unfair prosecution, heroes tend to get nervous. It's Vic Garland's job to make them nervous. Vic has devoted his life to protecting the civil rights of every man, woman, and child in America. Sometimes that means suing a hero for wrongfully beating the snot out of a suspected criminal. But much more often it means helping a hero catch some criminal who's flagrantly violating the rights of ordinary citizens. Recently, Vic has developed another, more personal crusade. More and more villains have taken to hiding their hateful ideology and criminal activities behind a veneer of protest for civil rights. No group is guiltier of this than the Freakshow. Vic has a heated vendetta against such villains and, with the support of many heroes behind him, he's out to expose their nefarious activities.

Initial Contact[]

If you can stick to the right side of the law, I will be the best ally you have ever had.


Badge Mission[]

Retrieve the stolen weapons from the Freakshow[]


There's been a great deal of chaos on the streets of the city, and a good deal of it has been started by a gang called the Freakshow. This highly factionalized group of nihilistic anarchists has become dangerous, fueled by a drug called Excelsior and their unwavering hatred of 'the system.' Their tenacity and wild abandon make them dangerous opponents. I just got a tip that the Freakshow have taken raided the Lockhart Aerotech weapons lab and made off with a mighty arsenal. Will you retrieve the stolen weapons from the Freakshow?

The Freakshow aren't just thugs with guns. They're well armed, well equipped, and crazy. With all of the Excelsior in their systems, many Freaks can barely feel pain. What's more, lots of them have undergone radical cybernetic surgery to turn themselves into walking death machines. So this isn't going to be easy.


The Freakshow hideout

Mission Objective(s)

Scientific notes litter the floor, each one detailing advances that are now part of the Freakshow's arsenal.

  • Defeat Freak leader, his crew
    • 6 weapons caches remaining

You have secured the weapons and defeated the Freakshow.


Badge villain freakshow Freakshow

Notable NPCs

  • The PwNxx0rz! (Tank)

Icon clue generic
Advanced weapons
These weapons are all highly advanced, some of them bordering on the exotic. You can only imagine how much havoc the Freakshow could have wrought with them.


The Pwnz badge is awarded upon mission completion.

Badge stature 05 Pwnz

You have arrested one of the higher ranking members of the Freakshow.


You did everyone a big favor. The Freakshow get most of their technology through theft, and I'm sure you'll agree they don't need to get any more dangerous. Here, you should take some of the weapons you confiscated. I'm sure you'll make better us of them than the Freaks would.

Temporary Power

After the mission debriefing, the hero will earn the Confiscated Beanbag temporary power.

Temporary ConfiscatedBeanbag Confiscated Beanbag Auto: Ranged, Minor Damage (Smashing), Foe Disorient
You confiscated this weapon from a Freakshow base. It fires a single, non-lethal beanbag that can seriously disorient a target. You have 50 beanbags.

Story Arc[]


Iron Hand's Badge

Detective Jackson gave you Iron Hand's badge after you apprehended the disloyal agent. It's a constant reminder that life in Paragon City can be treacherous, even to hardened professionals.

A Hand of Iron

Your routine missions against the Freakshow were going well. Perhaps too well. Your contact informed you that your constant thwarting of Freakshow schemes had put an undercover cop in danger! The Freaks suspected they had a mole.

You hit the streets, defeating Freak after Freak in an attempt to divert suspicion from the mole. If you could only make your actions seem random, not directed, perhaps the Freaks would let their suspicions slide. In one battle, you recovered a list of names from a defeated Freak. You took the list to Det. Rondel Jackson, who was dismayed to learn that his officer's name was among those listed. It seemed the Freaks' suspicions might be on the money.

Det. Jackson asked you to rescue his agent, Iron Hand. After an intense battle with the Freaks, you learned that Iron Had had indeed become one of them. His undercover persona had become his life.

Prevent Freakshow from making off with the electronics[]


The Freakshow have broken into a warehouse full of electronic parts, which they no doubt plan to use for their cybernetic enhancements. If you get over there right now, you may be just in time to prevent the Freakshow from making off with the electronics.

Our informants are the only thing keeping us in step with the Freakshow.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Smashed bottles and bad techno music betray the presence of the Freakshow.
    • Bust electronics thief and his crew

You have defeated the Freakshow.


Badge villain freakshow Freakshow


With my information and your skill, we will certainly shut the Freakshow down.

Patrol the area and prevent the Freakshow assaults[]


The Freakshow have increased their activity in one of my patrol zones. It seems they're targeting specific business folk for assault. I need you to patrol the area and prevent the Freakshow assaults.

This kind of activity hurts the economy of Paragon City.

Mission Objective(s)


Thanks for stopping those Freakshow assaults. If we let the Freaks intimidate Paragon City's business men, they may well achieve the anarchy they crave.

Hey, I got a message from a friend of mine, Detective Rondel Jackson. Your recent Freakshow encounters have put one of his undercover agents in jeopardy. It seems the Freaks are beginning to suspect they have a mole, simply because you often happen to be at the right place at the right time

Cull the numbers of the Freakshow[]


We need to divert suspicion from that undercover agent who infiltrated the Freakshow. I want you to go cull the numbers of the Freakshow. If you start taking on Freaks at random, they may begin to realize that you don't have inside information about their activities.

If this doesn't work, Det. Jackson may have a hard time pulling his man out of their.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Divert suspicion from mole
    • Defeat 20 Freakshow

You found a list of names on one of the Freakshow you defeated.


Badge villain freakshow Freakshow

Icon clue generic
List of names
You recovered this list of names from the body of one of the Freakshow members you defeated.


One of the Freaks was carrying this list? Hmm. I don't recognize any of the names, but I'll ask Det. Jackson. Maybe the list has something to do with that undercover agent he placed among the Freakshow.

Take the list to Det. Rondel Jackson[]


This list of names you found on the Freakshow may mean something to Det. Rondel Jackson. Would you take the list to Jackson? I need to hear his take on it.

Hopefully, Jackson will be able to make some sense of those names.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Deliver list to Det. Jackson


Hmm, it looks like the Freaks put together a list of possible moles in their operation. Wait a minute! This guy, that's our undercover cop! His code name is Iron Hand. Thanks, I will try to pull him out of their right away.


So, the Freaks might be wise to that undercover agent? That doesn't sound good for this Iron Hand fellow. I'll see if there's anything else you can do to help.

Go talk to Det. Jackson[]


You should go talk to Det. Jackson. He's concerned about Iron Hand, that undercover agent he placed with the Freakshow. It sounds like the agent's in danger, and Det. Jackson could really use your help.

Thanks. Please do anything Jackson asks of you.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Det. Jackson


Thanks for meeting with me. I haven't heard from Iron Hand all day, and he's not responding to his pager. His last known location was a Freakshow hideout. Please get over there and see if you can find any sign of him. If you learn anything, report back to me.

Mission Objective(s)

These sewers have been blocked off by piles of debris. It looks like the Freaks don't want to be found.

  • Defeat base leader and his crew

After questioning the Freakshow gangers, you learn that Iron Hand has left the base. He's with a group of Freaks who are hell-bent on some secret objective.


Badge villain freakshow Freakshow

Notable NPCs

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take info to Det. Jackson


Iron Hand's with that group? Oh, man. Word on the street is that they're going to assault a Council base. I need you to head over there and get Iron Hand to safety.

Mission Objective(s)

The sounds of battle ring out from the base. In this melee, it won't be easy to get Iron Hand out unscathed.

  • Rescue Iron Hand

You have defeated the Freakshow and apprehended Iron Hand.


Badge villain freakshow Freakshow

Notable NPCs


Det. Jackson wanted me to pass this on to you. He said that Iron Hand was deep undercover for a while, but they never thought they'd lose him like that. It happens every once in a while, most frequently with the Freakshow. Their hedonistic lifestyle makes it easy for them to ferret out agents, and even easier for the agents to succumb to their self-indulgent ways. Jackson wanted to extend his thanks to you for your help, and your discretion.

Here, take Iron Hand's police badge. He won't be needing it, now that he's joined the Freakshow. And you should have a reminder of the price we all pay to make this city safe.


Investigate the warehouse and destroy any Superadine you find[]


We have an opportunity to strike a powerful blow against the Family, but you will have to act quickly. We have traced a significant portion of their Superadine operation through a warehouse in Independence Port. I need you to investigate that warehouse and destroy any Superadine you find. We think they may be aware of our surveillance. You only have 75 minutes to investigate the warehouse.

This could be big. We've been trying for years to get evidence on the Family's drug dealing.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Investigate Family warehouse - 1:15 timed
    • 4 Drugs, 2 Labs, 5 Chemicals, Evidence

You have destroyed the Family's Superadine lab.

Icon clue generic
Family files
These files prove conclusively that the Superadine lab you destroyed was owned and operated by ranking Family members. This evidence, along with your testimony, should be enough to put these evildoers in jail.


That was a Herculean effort. Shutting down that warehouse will put a huge dent in the Family's Superadine operation.

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