City of Heroes Wiki
/vis_scale scale

Controls the distance at which objects are rendered and the amount of detailed rendered.

The user interface, under Options, Graphics and Audio, allows this to be changed via a slider. The slider goes from 50% (0.5) and 200% (2.0). The /vis_scale command allows you to increase the scale up to 400% (4.0).

Any scale higher than 4.0 is rendered as 4.0, and any number lower than 0.5 is rendered as 0.5.


Setting /vis_scale to 4.0 is NOT recommended under normal circumstances. The extra strain placed on your processor and video card is tremendous and should only be attempted on higher end systems. Setting vis_scale to 3 or higher renders almost every object in the zone at once. Most systems, even lower end systems, will still render everything, but your frame rate and ability to chat will be severely reduced, this includes attempting to lower vis_scale back down.