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W.I.S.D.O.M. is a hero group led by Foreshadow.

Enemy Types[]



Foreshadow 01


Main Article: Foreshadow

Some say Yu-sik Jin is a powerful spirit who was placed upon the earth to help the good and punish the wicked. Even when he is defeated, Foreshadow has reincarnated to once again take up his destiny. He possesses an amazing constitution and superior martial arts abilities.


Mirror Spirit[]

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Mirror Spirit

The woman known as The Mirror Spirit is the manifestation of a sacred mirror handed down from generation to generation from ancient times. The mirror came into possession of an evil ghost who used it to commit many crimes before being defeated by Foreshadow. The Mirror Spirit now serves Foreshadow faithfully.


Rose Star[]

Main Article: Rose Star

Half Russian and half Japanese, Rose Star is a mischievous but good hearted young heroine, fiercely loyal to her friends and deadly to her enemies. Often turning the tables to save Spark Blade who has vowed to protect her, Rose Star's ability to get into trouble is only exceeded by her incredible strength and durability.

Rose Star is not currently in the game.

Spark Blade[]

Main Article: Spark Blade

A master of weaponry, he wields his katana and long pistol with deadly skill, channeling bolts of lightning through both weapons. Aided in combat by his super-human reflexes, Spark Blade is uncannily accurate and very difficult to target. He has sworn to protect Rose Star at all costs.

Spark Blade is not currently in the game.