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This article is about the hero War Witch. For the game developer, see War Witch (Developer).
War Witch


War Witch is a hero trainer in Croatoa in the Sunset Ridge neighborhood, located on the small northern island in the lake. Her coordinates are (-22, 35, 826), and her location is marked on the map as a contact. She can also be found as an NPC in Pocket D on the upper floor of the hero side.



War Witch Comic

War Witch as seen on the Cover of the Promo Comic by Dark Horse

War Witch was an active character in every issue of the Blue King Studios City of Heroes comic book as a member of an unnamed supergroup with Horus and Apex.

She perished in a battle with Requiem in the last issue (#12) before Top Cow took over the comic book. However, even death itself cannot keep her from being a presence in Paragon City to help to train new heroes.

Recently, with the opening of Pocket D, another incarnation of War Witch has been discovered. Unlike the spectral presence she has in Croatoa, this one is alive and well. At this time, she seems content with simply observing and occasionally conversing with anyone near her.

Character Stats[]

Secret Identity: Clarissa Moore
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Powers: Ice Blast
Secondary Powers: Fire Manipulation


War Witch Pocket D

War Witch overlooking Pocket D