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Melissa Bianco

As seen in her Boomtown interview


Melissa "War Witch" Bianco is a game designer for Cryptic Studios.

Employed at Cryptic from February 2002 till the mass developer migration to NorCal Studios in November 2007. Primarily in charge of developing and implement zones and missions in game as well as plotting events and easter eggs. Currently holds the title of Senior Game Designer at the NorCal branch of NCsoft.

Educated at Ohlone College and Capilano College, previously employed by Extra Personalities (a company in the motion picture and film industry), and Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission (a Government Agency in the Heath Care Sector).

Ingame this developer's character has several appearances, in Croatoa as a trainer, Pocket D as an NPC, and as herself in the Easter Egg area of Faultline, the Cryptic Lounge.