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Archetypeicon warshade

Warshades are former Nictus who have left that dark path behind and reformed, joining with a willing host. While Warshades take more damage from most attacks, they make up for this weakness with solid Hit Points, a good variety of Dark Energy attack powers and strong defensive powers, inherent Teleport, and eventually even gain access to two shape-shift forms (Dark Nova and Black Dwarf). Warshades become stronger when teamed with non-Kheldian heroes, gaining bonuses to their own powers based on the archetypes of their teammates.

Warshades, along with Peacebringers, are one of the two Epic Archetypes for Heroes, only available to players who have reached level 20 with at least one Hero. All Warshades are of Science origin.

Alignment: Hero

The Warshade's power sets are:

Primary: Offense
Secondary: Defense

The Warshade has Medium Hit Points and does Medium damage.

Warshades are created as Heroes but can follow the alignment and morality missions to become Villians, Rogues or Vigilantes.

Weakness Edit

Kheldians and Nictus characters, and indeed Kheldian or Nictus mobs, are susceptible to Quantum Array Rifles, also known as Void Rifles. Two of these shots are usually enough to kill a Peacebringer or Warshade, regardless of the form they are in.

Power Sets Edit

Warshades only have access to one Primary and one Secondary power set. They do not have access to the Flight and Teleportation Power Pools. They also have no Ancillary Power Pools, but they make up for this in the number and variety of powers in their Primary and Secondary.

Primary Power Sets Edit

A Warshade's primary power set is designed specifically for offense. It is:

Secondary Power Sets Edit

A Warshade's secondary power set is designed for defense. It is:

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  • Shadowstar, the initial contact for all Warshades

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