Badge event rikti invasion


You have defended Paragon City from the invading Rikti!
You have defended the Rogue Isles from the invading Rikti!

Accolade Power

Upon acquiring this badge, a character will earn the Elusive Mind power.

Temporary PVP BuffDefense Elusive Mind Self: +Defense (Psionic), +Resistance (Psionic)
You have gained the ability to deflect and protect yourself from mental invasions of all sorts. By focusing your mind using this technique, you gain strong defense against Psionic attacks and are moderately resistant to Psionic damage while this power is active. It lasts for 60 seconds per use. Recharge: Very Long

Weapon Unlocked

This accolade can unlock costume designer alternate weapons depending on your powerset. Battle Axe Brutes and Tankers will gain access to the Rikti Axe. Broad Sword Scrappers will gain access to the Rikti Sword. Katana Scrappers and Ninja Blade Stalkers will gain access to the Rikti Katana. Robotics Masterminds will gain access to the Rikti Blaster and Rikti Rifle.

How to Get

Obtain the following badges.

Badge villain new rikti Bomb Specialist Badge   Achievement    Defeat 25 Rikti UXB's during a Rikti Invasion
Badge villain new rikti Chief Badge   Achievement    Defeat 10 Rikti Heavy Assault Suits during a Rikti Invasion
Badge villain new rikti Sentry Badge   Achievement    Defeat 100 Rikti during a Rikti Invasion


The female version of this Accolade is Watchwoman.

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