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Waylon McCrane


Waylon McCrane is an adventurer who has been hired by Mayor Bower to help against the Tuatha de Dannan, but it seems he has been too overconfident, despite his skill with a bow. He was one of the first NPCs in game to use a bow.
Waylon belongs to the Adventurer faction

Heroes can find him:

Badge bughunter 01 Bug! Just like many other NPC Aliies, though he's presented as a Boss, he's actually a Pet


Adventurer and self-proclaimed hero Waylon McCrane was hired by the village of Salamanca to stop the strange goings on in the woods. He's gotten himself in a bit over his head, but he's still an impressive shot with a bow.


He will be found fighting the Tuatha:

Tuatha warrior: This one thinks he can stop the Tuatha.
Bres: The fool must die.


Bres: Exterminate all of them!

Once free: I have to admit, I may need some help getting out of here.

If refound: Thanks, friend

At the mission exit: Thanks, ol'buddy. Of course I would have gotten out on my own. Tough as nails, you know!

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