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The weekly strike target (WST) is a different task force, strike force, or trial selected each week. The WST is changed every Tuesday at about 8:00 a.m. Central Time (UTC-06:00, UTC-05:00 during daylight saving time).

Either one cooperative task, or two tasks, one in Paragon City and one in the Rogue Isles, are selected each week, such that all Primal Earth alignments can access the WST.

The current WST at any given time is highlighted in purple in the LFG (team up teleporter/queue) window. The rewards listed when mousing over the WST in this window do not include the WST bonuses.


The weekly strike targets for the week of 2012-10-23 are the Terra Volta Respecification Trial (34-43), from Captain James Harlan in Founders Falls, and the Tree of Thorns Respecification Trial (34-43), from Trepsarciel in Nerva Archipelago.


The weekly strike targets for the week of 2012-10-30 are the Ms. Liberty Task Force (45-50), in Independence Port, and the Lord Recluse Strike Force (45-50), in Grandville.


Notice of the Well is used for crafting many Alpha incarnate powers.

When a character completes a weekly strike target for the first time each week, double the normal reward merits are granted. In addition, characters below level 50 receive an extra experience bonus, and characters level 50 on VIP accounts receive a Notice of the Well.

Completing 1 additional weekly strike target in the same week awards the Assistant/Accomplice accomplishment badge. Completing 10 additional weekly strike targets awards the Backup/Confederate accomplishment badge. Completing 50 additional weekly strike targets awards the Partner/Conspirator accomplishment badge.


Weekly strike targets were introduced in Issue 19.5: Strike Pack.

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