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He is an NPC in the mission Get Wormy out of warehouse assigned by Lorenz Ansaldo. He has a faction of Victim and slightly less Hit Points than a Lieutenant of the same level. He will be initially captured by the Longbow troops. He must be freed and escorted back to the mission exit. Once free, at least two waves of Longbow troops will charge against you. He has no attacks at all.


During the mission Get Wormy out of warehouse he can be found captured by Longbow... and carrying a corpse!:

Longbow minion: Hand over the evidence, Wormy!
Wormy: What? It's just my... laundry! Yah, that's it! Laundry!


Longbow Officer: We've got hostiles!
Wormy: Character! Get me out of this mess!

Once free: Get me out of this place, Character!

If recaptured: Yo, Character! I need a hand here!

If re-rescued: "Close call, Character!

At the mission exit: That does it! I'm through with this racket! (And then he finally throws away the corpse!)


Wormy is one of the Family's thugs, and is often called upon to do the worst jobs for them!