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Wretch is an Archvillain of the Arachnos faction who shows up severely weakened during the mission Save Paolo from Mu'Rakir and his men from Seer Marino. (Levels 15-19)

In his weakened form he is "just" an Elite Boss, with the Hit Points and damage output correspondent to his level. He will need to be rescued of his captors, but once free he will make the mission incredibly easy for you. There are several ambushes after you free him.

Once free, he moves really fast, and aggroes on everything in his path. Due to his wide array of attacks and resistance, enemies have the habit of dropping to the ground completely defeated after two or three seconds of "interacting" with Wretch. He does not seem to get himself into any real danger during this mission and it is possible that he could solo the whole mission by himself. The only danger comes from his huge size, which tends to leave him stuck in the mission's geometry.

Take into account that escorting him is a mission objective, and he must survive the mission.


During the Save Paolo from Mu'Rakir and his men mission, he will be fighting the Arachnos troops and says the following:

Arachnos soldier: The drugs are wearing off! He's mutated a resistance!
Wretch: You BAD'rachnos. You try hurt Widow!
Mu Guardian: This thing must pay for our dead brothers.


Arachnos soldier: Don't let Villain free the Wretch!
Wretch: Crush BAD'rachnos!
Mu Guardian: A million lesser lives could not pay for a single drop of Mu blood!

(once free)

Wretch: Wretch Help! Wretch Fight!

(at the mission exit)

Wretch: Wretch thank.


A twisted wreck of a human being, Wretch was horribly mutated in the same incident that slew Ghost Widow. He remains her loyal guardian and protector, using his immense strength and savage fury to protect her from all harm.


During one observed mission, he used Super Strength and Invulnerability powers: