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Zev Scalamore
Zev Scalamore.jpg
Zone Mercy Island
Coordinates (-1877.0, 96.2, -1625.5)
Level Range 1-50
Introduced by None
Introduces None
Enemy groups V badge MayhemOutlaw.png Paragon Police Department

Zev Scalamore is a contact for villains located in Mercy Island, near the Fateweaver. This contact's coordinates are (-1877.0, 96.2, -1625.5). His level range is 1-50.


Contact Introduced By[]

  • None



Zev likes to think he is bigger time than he actually is. Zev runs an import/export ship in Port Oakes, where he manages all sorts of illegal contraband. His is in pretty tight with Arachnos, so they let him run his petty organization.

Initial Contact[]

Hey there, Character. I've got a line on a job you just might take an interest in!


Steal Gifts[]

Mission Offering

Oi! Are you the type that has a beef with da Freedom Phalanx? Man, I hates them guys. I heard that Manticore and Sister Psyche got married! Oh, all that lovey-dovery crap makes me sick.

Hey, I gots me a great idea! Why don't you go steal their wedding gifts! Man, I bet there is some great stuff in there, plus it would cheese them off really good!


Ok, here's the warehouse there they are storing them. Get what you can and bring 'em back to me.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You got those gifts yet? Bring back somethin' good!

Mission Objective(s)

Looks like the local fuzz is keeping the place safe from people like you.

  • Steal 7 gifts

You have stolen the wedding gifts!

Icon clue generic.png
Gag Gas Arrow
Uh, this must be left over from Sister Psyche's bachelorette party.
Icon clue generic.png
Two Tickets
Two tickets to the Armstrong Moonbase via the Gagarin Space Station, along with hotel reservations at the honeymoon suite. The tag says 'From Back Alley Brawler'.
Icon clue generic.png
Picture Frame
A nice silver picture frame. The tag says 'From Lady Gray'.
Icon clue generic.png
Matched Crystals
A pair of perfectly matched meditation crystals. The tag says 'From War Witch'.
Icon clue generic.png
Bottle of Wine
From the 'Three Sisters' winery. The tag says 'From Marcus'.
Icon clue generic.png
High Tech Blender
It has 16 settings, including one for transwarp blending. The tag says 'From Positron'.
Icon clue generic.png
If this is Sister Psyche's wedding night garb, Manticore is a lucky guy. The tag says 'From Synapse'.


V badge MayhemOutlaw.png Paragon Police Department

Notable NPCs

  • None


Oi! Youse done a fantastic job! I'll have your Arachnos buddies store these away.